China’s COVID Conundrum: The Politics and Future of Zero-COVID

The People’s Republic of China is adjusting its ‘zero-COVID’ policy following widespread demonstrations against containment measures in late November. Now, the situation appears dire as COVID-19 spreads across Beijing and other parts of the country.

Beijing’s alleged failure to prepare for the relaxation of zero-COVID policies raises a number of questions. Why has it changed course following demonstrations? How long did it expect to maintain zero-COVID controls? What are the major obstacles to relaxing these policies? Why does it continue to experience deficits in preparation, such as with respect to hospital beds and elderly vaccination rates?

Join the Carter Center China Focus for this webinar on December 15, 2022 at 1:00 PM ET. We are joined by two expert observers of Chinese public health policies in response to COVID-19. The event will be moderated by Yawei Liu, the Senior Advisor on China at the Carter Center. In order to register for the event, please click here or the button below.