Previewing Secretary Blinken’s Address on China Policy

On May 5, 2022 Secretary of State Antony Blinken was supposed to deliver a speech on US-China relations, but this speech has been rescheduled following Blinken testing positive for COVID-19. What will feature in Blinken’s speech? Why do we care about it? What is it expected to convey to Americans and Chinese counterparts?

Tune into this excellent discussion hosted by Neysun Mahboubi, a Research Scholar of the Center for the Study of Contemporary China at the University of Pennsylvania, about what might feature in Blinken’s speech, and how to make sense of the Biden administration’s strategy towards China.

This Twitter spaces discussion was hosted by Neysun Mahboubi (@NeysunM). Guests included Ian Johnson (@iandenisjohnson), Deborah Seligsohn (@DebSeligsohn), Robert Daly (@KissingerInst), Anna Ashton (@annatashton), and Yawei Liu (@yawei_liu1960). This discussion was recorded on May 5, 2022.