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Video: Marco Rubio rally in Atlanta, Georgia

Earlier this week we shared an article about Marco Rubio’s rally at the International Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia a few days before Super Tuesday. Rubio rallied in Georgia with South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, a popular governor in her own state and among Republicans generally.

The speech put special attention on attacking leading Republican candidate Donald Trump, who was ahead in the polls for the Georgia Republican primary. Below, we have a few clips of the rally.

Marco Rubio ended up taking second place to Donald Trump during the Georgia primary. Trump ended up with 38.8%, Rubio with 24.5%, and Ted Cruz with 23.6%. Cruz was also in Atlanta holding a rally last Saturday (February 27).

However, Rubio claimed solid victories in DeKalb, Fulton, and Clarke counties, the counties with the largest populations in Georgia which contain and surround Atlanta.

Filming by YAO SUN Feb. 29, 2016 on USCNPM