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Flash Mob in Monkey Costumes Appears in NYC to Mark Chinese New Year

A flash mob featuring a hundred performers in monkey costumes makes an appearance to celebrate the arrival of the Chinese New Year in Times Square on Manhattan, New York, the United States, Feb 6, 2016. The event is an effort to let people from all over the world experience the beauty of Chinese culture, and in a move to convey the New Year’s blessings. [Photo/Xinhua]

£¨ÈñÊӽǣ©£¨1£©°ÙºïÄÖдº ŦԼ´ó°ÝÄê

£¨¹ú¼Ê£©£¨4£©°ÙºïÄÖдº ŦԼ´ó°ÝÄê

£¨ÈñÊӽǣ©£¨2£©°ÙºïÄÖдº ŦԼ´ó°ÝÄê

£¨¹ú¼Ê£©£¨2£©°ÙºïÄÖдº ŦԼ´ó°ÝÄê

£¨¹ú¼Ê£©£¨3£©°ÙºïÄÖдº ŦԼ´ó°ÝÄê

Feb. 8, 2016 on China Daily

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