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The Carter Center: From President Carter to President Trump

Dr. Abramowitz is one of the nation’s leading election forecasters. At a Carter Center event held two months before the November election, he predicted the next president-elect to be Hillary Clinton, the nominee of the Democratic Party.

In a welcome return to the Carter Center, Abramowitz explained how he, and so many other pollsters, were wrong in predicting a Clinton victory and why Donald Trump performed so strongly.

A panel discussion followed right after.  Here, the panel discussed the future direction of U.S.-China Relations under the Trump administration.

The panelists were: Mr. Zhou Zhixing, a distinguished political commentator who is the founder, president, and editor-in-chief of both Leaders and Financial Digest, two increasingly prominent journals in China. Additionally, Mr. Zhou is the founder of Consensus Net, a digital platform for political debate within China; Henry ‘Hank’ Levine, senior advisor for Albright Stone Bridge and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Asia; and Shannon Tiezzi, managing editor of the online international affairs magazine, The Diplomat.