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Australia Should Treat China’s Strategic Intentions Correctly

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Thursday urged Australia to treat China’s strategic intentions correctly to promote mutual trust.

Spokeswoman Hua Chunying’s comments at a regular news briefing came after a recent Australian Defense White Paper contained “negative” remarks on the South China Sea issue and China’s military development.

China is displeased with the relevant remarks, Hua said, noting that China has repeatedly defined its stance to Australian officials through various channels.

Hua called on Australia to take a correct and positive view of China’s development and strategic intentions and take concrete actions to work with China to maintain regional peace and stability.

China also noted the positive remarks on the Chinese economy and China-Australia cooperation in the white paper, Hua said, stressing that China hopes Australia will match its deeds to its words.

According to the paper, Australia will spend 195 billion Australian dollars (about $139 billion) over the next decade to boost the country’s defense capabilities.

China does not want an arms race in the Asia-Pacific region, Hua said, calling on relevant sides to end joint military drills and growing military deployment in the region.

Feb. 26, 2016 on China Daily

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