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Opinon: China Would Be Shaken If Faced With Similar Social Turmoil Like India

China would have been shaken if it had to face riots and social turmoil such as the protests in India by the Jat community and Beijing needs to learn from the adaptability of its neighbour, state media said on Tuesday.

The editorial in state-run Global Times newspaper said: “Through India, we can learn what the consequences of weak governance are. However, it also helps us understand the adaptability of society. There is general stability amid quite a chaotic situation in India. It defies a simple label.”

The editorial said both countries have similar national conditions. It added China, though ahead of India in economic development, faces huge pressure to fix social unfairness.

“They can be each other’s development reference. In recent decades, China has been far ahead of India in development, but India offers us thoughts for its society’s adaptability, which China must build along with its problem-solving ability.”

The editorial added: “While astonished by repeated bloody riots in India, Chinese observers are also surprised by Indian society’s ability to resist turmoil. If similar unrest happened in China, it would be earth-shattering.”

It had a word of warning for India and the system of democracy.

“India’s democratic system allows each group to seek maximum interests while people’s understanding of justice is often polarising. The latest caste-triggered clash is rooted in Indian society. The problem will re-emerge in the future in various forms of disruption.”

Feb. 24, 2016 on Hindustan Times

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