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State Council Calls for Better Handling of Proposals, Suggestions

China’s State Council on Wednesday called for better handling of proposals made by the legislature.

A report on the handling of suggestions and proposals made by the legislature and political advisory body, as well as policies to commercialize science and technology research, were submitted to the regular State Council executive meeting on Wednesday, which was presided over by Premier Li Keqiang.

The State Council has handled 8,001 suggestions and 4,809 proposals made by legislators and political advisors since the annual sessions of the two bodies in March last year, accounting for 97.1 percent and 96.5 percent of the totals.

Based on these suggestions and proposals, many policies were designed to promote economic growth and improve social administration.

According to the meeting, the handling of suggestions and proposals will be an important job of the government this year.

The State Council called for better allocation of responsibility when processing all proposals and suggestions, improved study mechanisms, field interviews, and improving consultations and communications systems.

Departments weighed down by suggestions and proposals should convene at least one meeting attended by legislators and political advisors, the State Council said.

It also called for better time management when handling proposals and suggestions, and new processes to improve efficiency.

The State Council also called for transparent publication of the results and public supervision.

By Feb. 18, 2016 on China Daily

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