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Series on Western Journalism in China

Western journalism in China has had a long history, stretching from Edgar Snow’s documentation of Mao Zedong during the Chinese Civil War to the investigative journalism of John Forsythe and David Barboza this decade.

In a fascinating twelve part series, Mike Chinoy, former Senior Asia Correspondent for CNN, goes through an in-depth study of Western journalism in China stretching from the 1940s to present. All episodes are posted on the website of the US-China Institute and are completely free of charge.

To watch the series, click here.

Mike Chinoy was CNN’s Senior Asia Correspondent and served as a foreign correspondent for more than thirty years. After joining CNN at its London bureau in 1983, Chinoy served as Beijing Bureau Chief from 1987 to 1995. Today, he is Senior Fellow at the US-China Institute at the University of Southern California.