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China and South Korea Expected to Discuss Sanctions Against North Korea During Vice-Foreign Ministers’ Talks

Vice-foreign ministers from South Korea and China are to hold talks in Seoul on Tuesday to discuss issues of mutual interest, the South Korean Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

The seventh strategic dialogue between the nations’ vice-foreign ministers comes amid heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula following North Korea’s recent long-range rocket launch and nuclear test.

At the talks, South Korean Vice-Foreign Minister Lim Sung Nam and his Chinese counterpart, Zhang Yesui, are expected to discuss sanctions against North Korea.

A file photograph of the launch of a North Korean long-range rocket. Photo: Reuters

Meanwhile, Zhang is expected to reiterate Beijing’s opposition to South Korea’s decision to deploy an advanced United States missile defence system.

China is opposed to the proposed deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence system in South Korea, citing concerns over the mainland’s strategic security interests.

South Korea and the US announced earlier this month their decision to begin formal talks on the deployment of the missile system.

Feb. 15, 2016 on South China Morning Post

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