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Boston Launches Chinese Radio Station

The Boston area got its first Chinese radio station just before the Lunar New Year.

The Boston No. 1 Radio Station (AM1470), which began broadcasting on Monday, is the first 24 hour Chinese radio station in New England.

“The Boston (area) has a large population of Chinese,” said Yingshu Sun, deputy director of the radio station.

“The aim of founding Boston No.1 radio station is to serve the growing population of Chinese in Boston; carrying forward Chinese traditional culture overseas; and actively promoting cultural exchange between China and the US,” said Sun.

Located in Woburn, Massachusetts, the station’s core content will be news, talk and music.

The radio will broadcast Chinese and world significant news events; analyze international issues; and introduce Chinese fine culture. Boston local news and information will be presented as well.

The programming includes Good Moring, Boston, a comprehensive news program; How Big the World Is, a show about tourism; Delicious Boston, a program combining cuisine and entertainment information; Boston Report, a news commentary program; and I’m in Boston, a talk show featuring all aspects of Chinese living in Boston.

Here Comes the Music will play traditional Chinese music and pop.

Operated and sponsored by the Beijing Huaguang Film and Cultural Media Group, the station is available on a mobile app, website, Weibo and WeChat, providing live streaming.

The station will also regularly hold cultural events with audience participation.

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh; Zhang Qiyue, Chinese consul general in New York; and Chinese-American celebrities in the Boston area sent their congratulations on the station’s opening.

By HONG XIAO Feb. 6, 2016 on China Daily

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