EVENT: The Jimmy Carter Legacy and Lessons for Moral Leadership in the 21st Century

From the CCG Website:

January 1st, 1979 remains one of the defining moments in modern history. On this day, former US President Jimmy Carter and Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping took the historic first step to formally establish the Sino-American diplomatic relations amid challenges and differences. This breakthrough then ushered in a new era of an enhanced bilateral rapport and subsequently enabled social and economic ties that have become more integrated than ever between the two countries. 42 years later, this relationship is facing a delicate moment owing to increasing competition and shifting bipartisan views on China in the US. However, with increasing high-level interactions between senior officials of the two countries recently, can we look forward to another reshaping of China-US diplomatic relations?

The world-renowned Carter Center was founded by President Carter and his wife Rosalyn Carter in 1982, dedicated to missions on human rights, peace, and global development. Its remarkable achievements granted President Carter the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. To this day, the Carter Center has been tirelessly forging path for peace and development for those who are in need and embracing the very core value of the Carters. What makes the Carter Center an exceptional organization? In what ways can it contribute to the US and China coordinating and partnering in resolving conflicts and health and development issues in the world?

On Sept. 6th, the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) is honored and pleased to host a fireside chat with Paige Alexander, CEO at the Carter Center, and Liu Yawei, Senior Advisor on China at the Carter Center.

The contributions made by President Carter to normalizing the Sino-American relationship and bringing peaceful solutions to global development, carried on by the Carter Center, proved that China-US friendship could transcend differences and peace and prosperity in the Asia Pacific region is achievable if the example of President Carter would be followed. 

To attend, please scan the following QR code or watch the livestreamn on CCG’s YouTube channel.