China Program Reports: August 29, 2019

On May 31-June 1, 2019, The Carter Center hosted “The Rise of China and Its Impact on Developing Countries,” the sixth annual conference of the International Consortium for China Studies. The event was co-organized by The Carter Center’s China Program and Latin America and Caribbean Program, the International Consortium for China Studies of Peking University, the China Research Center of Atlanta, and the Institute of Developing Nations of Emory University. The primary objective was to understand China’s growing presence in LAC and its impact on the region’s sustainable development. The presentations also explored prospective areas of trilateral cooperation in areas such as health, sustainable energy, peacebuilding, and security (anti-organized crime cooperation). The Carter Center commissioned three papers to analyze the impact of China’s increasing presence in Latin America and the Caribbean within the framework of global competition between China and the U.S. The papers also include the implications of the Chinese approach to development for the region. Each paper presents a different perspective on these topics:

1) Building Development Partnership: Engagement Between China and Latin America by Haibin Niu (the Chinese perspective )

2) China in Latin America: Major Impacts and Avenues for Constructive Engagement by Margaret Myers and Rebecca Ray (the U.S. perspective)

3)China’s Recent Engagement in Latin America and the Caribbean: Current Conditions and Challenges by Enrique Dussel Peters (the Latin American and Caribbean perspective)