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The US-China 50: The People Powering the World’s Most Consequential Relationship

Who are the movers and shakers of US-China relations? Who are the people that work behind the headlines of the Trump-Xi meetings and mold the dynamics and direction of the world’s most important bilateral relationship? Foreign Policy magazine’s Tea Leaf Nation staff have compiled a list of the 50 most influential people currently shaping China-US relations. Profiling each of them, the list covers a diverse group of individuals, ranging from business entrepreneurs and public officials to media & cultural personalities and thought-provoking advocates.

“Together, the 50 individuals profiled here illustrate the richness of the world’s most important relationship, and illuminate both its fragility and its signal accomplishment: decades of peace between the world’s greatest power and the world’s fastest-rising one”.

You can find Foreign Policy’s entire list with profiles of each individual here.

Feature image credit: Hylton Warburton, via Foreign Policy