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Policy Recommendations for Trump in Asia

On February 7th 2017, the Asia Society, a group dedicated to increasing bilateral ties between China and the United States, released an independent Task Force report outlining policy recommendations for the new Trump administration. The Washington Post concluded that the 18 person team “included high-ranking national security, military, trade and diplomatic officials from Democratic and Republican administrations” and was bipartisan in nature. Specific actions that that have been highlighted as being of utmost urgency for the President to undertake are:

1)Working with the Chinese to manage the North Korean nuclear situation

2)Actively engaging to reaffirm U.S commitment to its Asian allies

3)Effectively managing trade arrangements with a protectionist China

4)Encouraging and promoting a rules based order in the Asia Pacific in regards to territorial claims

5)Promoting high level dialogues with the Chinese to help advance civil society within China

6)Deepening collaboration on issues regarding climate change.

According the New York Times, the report “seemed at odds with the new president. It argued that the White House should support a trade agreement similar to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Mr. Trump has already rejected”.  The conclusions of the Task Force indicate that the bipartisanism which has characterized the U.S-China relationship for the last 30 years is the most effective way to safeguard our national interests, avoid conflict, and pave the way for a mutually beneficial relationship between the great two powers.

Copies of the full report and executive summery can be found below.


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