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Former US President Jimmy Carter Awarded Lui Che Woo Award

Former US President Jimmy Carter was named as one of the winners of the first annual Lui Che Woo Prize – Prize for World Peace. This award, created by Macau property tycoon and casino owner Lui Che-woo, recognizes individuals who contributed to world civilization. It spans all sectors and looks specifically at innovative projects. President Carter was specifically awarded the prize in the category for “Promotion of Positive Life Attitude and Enhancement of Positive Energy,” which rewards “individuals or organizations whose behavior and achievement inspire, energize, and give hope to others.” The aim of the award is to “foster world peace, mutual respect and understanding so that people can cherish the natural resources of the earth.” In 1982, President Carter established the Carter Center in Atlanta, GA with the slogan “waging peace, fighting disease, building hope.” Since its establishment, the Carter Center has worked abroad in protecting human rights, promoting democracy, preventing and resolving conflicts, promoting racial and gender equality, and supporting fair and free elections.